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Option 1 - EDT paid in full

Full amount of €370 must be paid in advance, Total Price of 12 EDT Lessons €370

Option 2 - EDT paid 50/50

That payments can be Paid in 2 Equal amounts of €200, Total Price of 12 EDT Lessons €400

Option 3 - One hour driving lesson

1 hour driving lesson  €35

Prices for Car Hire / Driving Test Package:

Car Hire for Test + 1 Hour Pre Test Lesson - € 140



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* EasyWheels Driving School reserves the right to refuse the use of its vehicles for the driving test to pupils who have not reached test standard.

Why do I need EDT?

Studies show that young drivers and inexperienced drivers are more likely to die or be seriously injured in collisions, and EDT is one of several measures introduced by the RSA to help improve critical driving knowledge, skills and behaviours of new drivers.


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Driving Lessons

Preparation for your first lesson At your first EDT lesson, and each lesson thereafter, your ADI will check your learner permit, and if you are using your own car, will check to make sure your insurance, motor tax, NCT and the roadworthiness of the vehicle are all in order.

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We are hiring

Easy Wheels Driving School is always looking for applicants who have the passion and patience to help individuals learn one of life's most important skills - how to drive safely.

We welcome existing instructors. If you have the passion and meet the requirements below, then we look forward to hearing from you:

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